Myriad Now Supported in the COINiD App for iOS Devices.

Myriad Now Supported in the COINiD App for iOS Devices.

After the announcement of the partnership with Myriad, COINiD is now also excited to tell that the cooperation has been further extended. After have been available for Android devices for almost a month, Myriad is now also supported in the COINiD app for iOS devices. This makes COINiD the first wallet that supports Myriad for iOS!

The cooperation between COINiD and Myriad makes it possible for you to own a wallet and a coin that both value your user security, gives the possibility to make fast and low-fee transactions and of course, enhances innovative technology.

So what is Myriad? First released in 2014, it is today considered one of the safest currencies for mining and offers faster transactions than most other coins.

Myriad is the first Multi-Algo (Multiple Algorithm) coin with five different algorithms run in the same program simultaneously to achieve transactions as fast as possible. The different abilities of each algorithm prevent dominance of one algorithm over another, and therefore they do not overpower each other even if run at the same time.

The approach of multi-algorithm offers great resistance which enhances security and makes it difficult to compromise the system. Furthermore, it also prevents centralization of mining power, which is one of the coin’s most important innovations. The coin is generally miner-friendly, which means that there is no need for in-depth technical knowledge to mine the XMY-coins.

Like Myriad, COINiD also values security and convenience for all their users, which is evident in the functions offered in the wallet. With this wallet, you do not need to purchase an expensive external hardware to safely store your funds offline, but can install an integrated cold wallet simply in a spare, offline mobile device where your private keys are never exposed to an online environment.

While Myriad offers faster transactions, COINiD makes it possible to lower your transaction fees. With transaction batching and SegWit, the user can save up to 90% in fees, while the batching also saves space on the blockchain.

The COINiD app was launched in November this year, and is a multi-cryptocurrency wallet which offers both a hot and cold account in the same app. Apart from supporting Bitcoin for Android and iOS, the wallet can now offer the same support for Myriad.

The compatibility between Myriad and COINiD forms a stable partnership with a common goal to make the users as satisfied as possible. Try it out today!

Read more or find instructions for download at COINiD or Myriad.

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