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Tired of Overpaying Transaction Fees?

For those of us who have traded with Bitcoin, transaction fees are nothing new. Actually, one of the most common questions in the crypto community is the one about the ideal transaction fees. Not too surprising. When making a transaction you should want to know how much that will actually disappear from your account. Furthermore, it is more or less human nature that you would want the extra fees to be as low as possible. That’s why we have added some features to our COINiD Wallet that can help you with this; transaction batching and smart fee estimation.

How to Invest in Bitcoin In 2019

As a new asset class, Bitcoin is open to anyone and therefore provides an exciting opportunity for investment. However, investing in Bitcoin may not be straightforward considering the misinformation swirling around and its steep learning curve. In “How to Invest in Bitcoin in 2019” we explore all the aspects of investing Bitcoin to help you understand the cryptocurrency marketplace.