Setup Hot Wallet

These steps will take you thru the process of setting up a hot wallet.

Before starting, download both COINiD Vault and COINiD Bitcoin Wallet from TestFlight


1. Start up COINiD Bitcoin Wallet and choose Create hot wallet with COINiD.

Then select what kind of addresses you want the wallet to generate, SegWit or Legacy.

2. Now the app will switch to the COINiD Vault app where you will have to Create new COINiD 

3. Write down the recovery phrase 

The app will show you 12 different words in separate views. This is your recovery phrase. Write down each word and keep it in a safe place. 
This is used to restore your COINiD Vault.

4. Enter a new PIN


5. After confirming the new PIN the app needs you to Confirm checkout of public keys to the wallet. Choose Sign with PIN to sign with you newly created PIN.


6. The COINiD Vault will now switch back to the COINiD Wallet and the both will now connect and your setup is done.