Setup Cold Wallet

To setup a cold wallet we suggest that you download COINiD Vault on a device that you can store securely and only use for this purpose. This device must then be kept offline to keep your keys safe and secure. Check the preparing for cold wallet guide if you haven't done so yet.


1. If this is your first time using COINiD, choose Create new COINiD to start.

2. Write down the recovery phrase 

The app will show you 12 different words in separate views. This is your recovery phrase. Write down each word and keep it in a safe place. 
This is used to restore your COINiD Vault.

3. Enter a new PIN

4. COINiD are now ready to sign requests

5. Open up your COINiD Wallet that you have installed on your online device and press "Create cold wallet with COINiD"

6. You will then get a 6 digit code that you need to enter in your COINiD Vault.


7. Back on COINiD Vault on your separate device. Press the "Sign cold wallet request" link to enter code.

8. Enter the 6 digit code that you got from your COINiD Wallet.

9. Now the app needs you to Confirm checkout of the public keys to the COINiD Wallet. Choose Sign with PIN to sign with your newly created PIN.

10. The COINiD Vault and COINiD Wallet will now connect and your setup is done.

Happy HODLing!