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A Wallet Done Right - A Summary

This is the last article in our feature series for winter/spring 2019. We have for some weeks now been posting [blog posts][0] about highlighted features in our wallet, how they work and how they are supposed to be of value to our users. We wanted to invite our users into the ideas behind the wallet, its purpose and how we have personally been thinking in the development and process. Here is a summary and brief presentation of the features that we have talked about during this series.

Is A Hot Wallet Unsafe?

Security aspects of cryptocurrency is a debate that can be heard every day, and we believe that even for hot storage, users must be comfortable with and trust the wallet they are using. The cold storage solution is indeed what foremost makes us different from many other mobile wallets. However, if you want to spend and receive coins, then you deserve a hot wallet done right as well. Easy, secure and fun! That is what we believe that cryptocurrency should be all about, and that is what we try to reflect in our wallet. Hot or cold.